About the Site

What qualifies as a fake site?

This site was created to identify “news” sites that are fake, extremely misleading, or satirical.  There’s no shortage of similar resources purporting to list fake news sites but they are often infrequently updated, politically slanted, or difficult to use.

The Fake News Codex does not include sites that merely have a clear political or ideological bias – Daily Kos and Breitbart will not appear here.

We do include sites that are not necessarily intended to mislead (such as The Onion and its legion of imitators), but that can be misunderstood by naive readers.  These are marked with the “satire” tag.

Hey, some of the articles on these sites are real!  What gives?

A site doesn’t need to exclusively publish fake content to qualify.  In fact, many publish a great deal of authentic material, though it’s typically presented in a biased and tawdry fashion. This “real” content serves as cover for the fake, and the fake content is what’s really effective.  If a site publishes 10 true stories for every fake story, but 90% of the Facebook shares are for the fake content, the site’s purpose is to mislead.

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