John Crane/Tyler Shapiro Network

In a February 2017 article, BuzzFeed News discovered that several hyper-partisan clickbait/fake news sites shared the same writing style and posted extremely similar content.  They also share the same Google Analytics ID, which is a very, very strong sign that they are created by the same people.

Those people are John Crane and Tyler Shapiro, officers at American News LLC.

Mediaite also weighed in:

So does it surprise you to learn that two hyper-partisan clickbait mills are owned by the same company? Are you shaken to your core to find out that the sites Liberal Society and Conservative 101 are not helmed by principled progressives and conservatives, respectively? Are you devastated to learn that money and manufactured outrage are more important than deeply-held values on one side of the aisle or the other?

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  • Conservative 101

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  • American News

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